About IndoScandic

IndoScandic Goals

The IndoScandic Organisation (ISO), is a Non-profit Organisation which represents the unification of Northern Europe with Southern Asia through strong historical, cultural, commerce and linguistic ties into a single united platform.

IndoScandic organisation is and association of Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland and India for unwavering faith of “Social Empowerment”, through cooperation, consultancy, creativity and technology in sphere of Innovation & Technology, Culture, Education, Sustainability and Green energy, tourism, Social integration, Business and Spirituality for establishing high human index and serve to promote interests in the region.

The six country members of IndoScandic organisation will facilitate international co-operation on six common necessities.

  • Business & Empowerment
  • Innovation & Technology
  • Education & Research
  • Culture & Heritage
  • Social Integration & Justice
  • Tourism & Health
  • Spirituality & Religion

Our Team

Dr. Anshuman Mishra

Operational Head

Suresh Pandey

Vice President

Ashish Kumar K.A

Manager-Communications & Outreach