Gandhi Peace Award

The Gandhi Peace Award has the distinction of being the highlighted social contribution in line of Gandhian philosophy in the IndoScandic region. Working for the less privileged sections of the society through harmony, public health and empowerment method is considered as the most influential societal transformation mechanism. Making its debut on 2nd October each year on the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. As per the rules, executive members select names based on nomination following which nominees are chosen for the award every year. Gandhi Peace Award contains

Rules of Gandhi Peace Award

About Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi is the greatest man ever in modern time, who worked for the peace through nonviolence, individualism and forgiveness ethics. Gandhian approach to peace is based on justice, through adopting non-violent methods for long term policy. Gandhi’s concept of peace initiated from a way of life and based on justice, development and environment. Gandhi practices non-violence for peace which further revolutionized through practically demonstration on a massive scale via precursors of conflict resolution techniques. It is necessary that lessons from non-violence practices adopted for future practices by the policy makers and civil society so that they analyse any conflicts with suitable strategies to transform it non-violent. Gandhi non-violence motive gives inspiration to all over world people to settle disputes among individuals and country level. Today’s, political world require peace predominantly through forgiveness and dialogues on civilian and countries matters to save human life.