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It is one of the core beliefs of the IndoScandic organisation that good literature and societal messages are consequences of support and recognition. With this belief, IndoScandic organisation organises “Book Release” event and honours its members with the accolades.

1st Book: LOCKDOWN “लॉकडाउन” of author Dr. Suresh Chandra Shukla from Oslo, Norway.


The book description: This book is the historical information to the readers about lockdown condition generated during COVID-19 Pandemic in melodious poetry format. This book described changes in the life of common people during adverse condition and represent their struggle to get rid from it.

2nd Book: YADO KE INDRADHANUSH “यादों के इन्द्रधनुष” of author Mr. Suresh Pandey, Stockholm, Sweden.


The book description: This book is the story of a person who comes from distant region to a new culture, tradition and environment. This book described his struggle in the life during adjustment to cope up the new people, new culture and language. Overall, his successful life represented in this book like a memorable rainbow.

International journal of heritage & culture

International journal of heritage & culture

The International Journal of Heritage & Culture (IJHC) is the refereed journal, most commonly for academicians and interdisciplinary scholars sharing a mutual interest in heritage & cultures. The IJHC is primarily focused on, Culture Studies, Archeological Evidences, Heritage, Evolutionary Links, Museum Education, Tourism Studies, Environmental Impacts and Sociology to conserve and safeguard the artistic creations and traditional findings. IJHC is a research combination of highly qualified and motivated professionals with expertise in culture, heritage, archeology and evolution studies along with utilization of high-end technologies for protection, preservation and utilization for sustainability system. IJHC give platform for outcome of many years of R&D experiments and producing solutions for demanding requirements with exploitation of information and knowledge repositories.

The International Journal of Heritage & Culture shows a great interest in:

  • Multicultural, multidisciplinary research
  • Science and Technology in culture heritage
  • Environmental impacts on cultural heritage
  • Scientific methods to preserve and safeguard
  • Evolution of Cultures and Tradition
  • Archaeology and its importance with cultural heritage

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International Journal of Heritage & Culture 
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