Why join ISO?

Why join ISO?

ISO is a global organisation who are set to break paths in economic growth, investment and cooperation in the sphere of IT, healthcare, agriculture, logistics, infrastructure, renewable energy and sustainability. We facilitate international co-operation and direct foreign investment and collaboration primarily on innovation and Start-ups. India has had diplomatic ties with Scandinavian countries dating back to early 20th century. We look forward to further strengthen this relationship by creating a raw space for opportunities between these countries through social integration, business collaborations, educational upliftment, cultural exchange, world trade and tourism, among others.

This is going to be a great platform for someone who wants to grow their business internationally, seek or provide international investment, get inspired by the Indian and Scandinavian culture, thus contributing to job growth and human welfare.

Global Network

ISO will thrive to be a key platform for Indian and Scandinavian business to participate in and influence major multilateral discussions and negotiations. ISO will present abreast business views and clarifies solutions to leaders and members of the organisations.

Policy Priorities

ISO promotes competitiveness and innovation, corporate responsibility and sustainable development, backed by mutual engagement and coherence. We will utilize our unique strengths of our network and apply in the members business ideas and solutions to achieve pathbreaking success.

Our committee members and working groups are the backbones of the IndoScandic Organisation’s policy making. These members/bodies will review systematic developments affecting Indo-Scandinavian business and regulate the policies and strategies for further enhancement in the framework.


India diaspora is doing amazing in many countries including Scandinavia. They have managed to make a progressive mark in the fields of business, entertainment, academics, science, art, healthcare, media, philanthropy, politics, government, technology and among others. There are admirable figures from Indian Diaspora in today’s time who are leaders of high tech companies and organisations, investors and corporate leaders. Our organisation aims at converting potential success of Indian diaspora into a revolutionary force and create impact in the potential areas, which includes creating mutual understanding and collaboration between govts of Scandinavia and India. One of the many reasons for success of diaspora is the forward leap especially in the field of Innovation and technology and these individuals eventually becoming potential investors in the Scandinavian and Indian market. With our organisation backed by a network of global leaders and game-changers, we are committed to establishing social, political and cultural exchange by introducing events and forums, targeting the enhancement of Indian diaspora and uniting these countries geographically and professionally through growing opportunities worldwide. Stay up to date. Sign Up to our weekly newsletter to tune in to our events, latest news and activities.