Awards and Recognition

Indoscandic Association (ISO) offers the highest honours to the persons around the world in the field of peace, culture, environment, and science and technology.

The ISO association confers Gandhi Peace Award every year to acknowledge the person’s contribution for society at all the levels. ISO selects the elites who have already made a major impact in the society and brought about substantial changes through the method of non-violence, mass healthcare, social integration, and environmental sustainability via outstanding and highlighted contribution in line of Gandhian philosophy of peace and human empowerment.

Aim of our Awards Program

ISO realizes and values the continuous efforts and time that people put into social change. Therefore, the organisation strives to honour the best contribution and outstanding minds to inspire society and professionals to take up challenges and spread an interest among people all around the world.

The Gandhi Peace Award is the most prestigious accolade and honour of the social community, which upholds and strengthen the social changes required in timely manner.